Customer Care


Laying the strongest foundations for long-lasting, successful relationships between our customer and their representative.


  • pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our customers
  • want to keep customers happy so that you keep coming back to us
  • know that if we don’t deliver our best results on your first investment we won’t get any repeat business from you

Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to create a high-performing and well-balanced portfolio of Alternative Assets that works hard and delivers results for you. Our interests are firmly aligned with yours as they are aligned with our Corporate Clients. We will never suggest that you proceed with further Alternative Asset purchases with us unless you are fully content with the first investment you entered into on our introduction.

The service we provide does not end at your purchase. A member of our team is always on hand to offer assistance and answer any questions you may have, at any stage in the transaction. We are also able to assist you establish what your options might be should you wish to sell some or all of your Alternative Assets at a later date. That said – our Corporate Clients debt products tend to be designed to run for the full length of the Offer.

We welcome feedback on your customer experience and how we can improve it. As part of our commitment to ongoing support, you customers can be added to our monthly bulletin so that we can keep you informed on the latest developments in our alternative asset market place.

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