Execution Certificate For Investors


I agree to the terms opposite.



An Elective Professional Opt Up Client is a person ordinarily a “Retail” client who wishes to be treated as a “Professional” category client as per the FCA handbook COBs https://fshandbook.info/FS/print/FCA/COBS/3.
To enable us to categorise you as an Elective Professional Opt Up you will need to complete a questionnaire.
After this has been completed you must follow the instruction in the statement below.
The statement below details the rights and protections afforded to Retail investors that are lost when the client opts up to be designated as a Professional.

The statement below must be read and understood:

STATEMENT: Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) Classification
On the basis of information we have about you, or you have given us, and with reference to the rules of the FCA (see http://fshandbook.info/FS/html/FCA/COBS/3/5), we have categorised you as a Professional client by reason of your expertise, experience and knowledge in relation to investing in our financial products and other investment opportunities.

Please note that your categorisation as an elective Professional client applies only for the purpose of enabling us or our affiliates to promote financial products and investment opportunities to you and that you will not be treated as our client for any other purpose.

As a consequence of this categorisation, we are informing you that you will lose the protections afforded exclusively to Retail clients under the FCA rules. In particular:

  • communications and financial promotions made to you will not be subject to the detailed form and content requirements of the FCA’s rules, including those regarding costs and associated charges, that apply in the case of Retail clients;
  • when communicating with you, we are required to ensure that such communications are fair, clear and not misleading. However, we may take into consideration your status as a Professional client when complying with such requirements and in assessing whether any communication to you is likely to be understood by you and contains appropriate information for you to make an informed assessment of its subject matter;
  • we will not be restricted from promoting financial products and investment opportunities which are not regulated in the UK and in doing so need not warn you further as regards the protections you will lose;
  • because participants in our financial products and investment opportunities are not (or will not on first participating be) Retail clients, we are able to agree with any fund investment that we do not owe a duty of best execution;
  • because participants in our financial products and investment opportunities are not Retail clients, the detailed FCA rules on periodic statements are disapplied. You will however still receive statements in accordance with the other constitutional documents;
  • in the event that we cease to provide investment advisory services, we are not required to ensure that any business which is outstanding is properly completed but we will nevertheless agree to do so; and
  • you will have no right of access to the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service. Please read and sign the declaration below to confirm you have read and understand this written notice and wish to be treated as a Professional client. If you do not agree to the signing of this declaration, we are unable to conduct business with you in regard to the financial products and investment opportunities we wish to communicate and market to you.

Capital is at risk and investors may not get back all monies invested. Investments described are only appropriate for high net worth individuals, sophisticated or professional investors and are not deposit based investments covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

United Kingdom Asset Company Limited (FRN 820128) is an Introducer Appointed Representative of European American Capital Services Limited, a company which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 401897).

Investors and potential investors confirm that by using this website and the services of United Kingdom Asset Company Ltd that they understand that United Kingdom Asset Company Ltd acts only for its corporate clients for whom it undertakes marketing and other awareness campaigns with a view to raising funds for them.

Under FCA requirements for United Kingdom Asset Company to Treat Customers Fairly (TCF) and appropriately, United Kingdom Asset Company relies entirely on the honest and accurate selection by Investors of their Customer Categorisation and Appropriateness declarations to be able to then access, read and invest from material available via United Kingdom Asset Company.

United Kingdom Asset Company receives a corporate finance and/or a success fee from its Corporate Clients. Employees, managers, shareholders, directors and others affiliated or associated with United Kingdom Asset Company may have or earn an interest in the securities discussed and promoted by United Kingdom Asset Company.

By agreeing to proceed you confirm that United Kingdom Asset Company Ltd may hold your data in accordance with the data protection act and GDPR. You agree that United Kingdom Asset Company may contact you on the details given.

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